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London’s Finest Man with a Van

Our Man with a Van service is a Family run business based in central London. We aim to be very affordable and most importantly reliable and professional. No job is too big, or too small for our small team of proficient movers.

We Guarantee:

  • Professional, uniformed, friendly staff
  • Great personalised INSURED service
  • No hidden cost 
  • Clean Man and Van
  • Fully equipped Man and Van
  • Most importantly Reliable service

London Removals at Half the Cost

As you can see we offer you the best possible Man and Van service. The greatest thing is that, the price won’t scare you. Most established professional London Removal companies, are now charging near the 60 £/H + VAT while our prices are at a fraction of that. What’s the catch you may be asking? None what so ever! There are no disadvantages with choosing London’s Finest Man and Van service.

Man with Van Services & Insurance

Our friendly London removals team are experienced in all types of removals and transportation. Services from single items to large house moves are second nature to the team. Our Man with a Van London services are exceptional and we guarantee to leave you with a smile. You can also rest assured that we are insured and that in the unlikely event that anything is damaged you will be covered anything up to £10K. Please check our Insurance page for full details.

How to get the Best from our Friendly Services

When moving, friends and family are always there to help. Having them to help organise and schedule the packing is always good and takes some of the stress and pressure of you. However when it comes to D-day (removal day) what you really need is a removal company with the knowhow. Aside from the fact that you will be exposing your friends & family to health and safety risks by compelling them to lift heavy objects, but you will also be exposing your possessions to damage for improper handling. Our top notch man and van service show up on time are insured and most importantly have experience.

Using a trustworthy and respectable Man with a Van service is always the easiest and most cost effective way of relocating. This is especially true when you have priced possessions that without the proper knowledge of handling and packing can end up damaged and broken. Using a professional & insured service is crucial if you want the most efficient and dare i say it: stress free removal.

The 3 BIG benefits of our man and van service.

A professional Man with a van service like Finest man and van can provide you with the right  experience which is required for any removal. Whether it’s a big or small move, we will provide you with the adequate van and man power needed to make your move a successful and enjoyable one. We provide Transit panelled vans for small moves and Luton vans for bigger House removals.

With our finest service you are sure to be in good expert hands. When your sofa gets stuck in the archway of the living room it’s always good to have someone who knows and understands the right angles. When you have awkward and heavy objects it’s essential to have someone professional and trained to move them in a safe and secure manner.

Energy Efficient Homes

Reducing on energy costs and ensuring your home is energy efficient has become a “must” in today’s culture. As the prices increase in every aspect of life and people attempt to spend more time at home; you can only imagine how many electronic devices are switched on and how much hot water is being used.

Posted by Marco Cardoso on 28 September 2013

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Prevent accidents – keep a video record

As every van driver knows, it can be difficult driving around in a congested area, meeting tight schedules and negotiating a van through built up areas. What does this mean? It means that that the potential for accidents in our industry is ever-present. To make matters worse, much of the time, the incidents aren’t even the drivers’ fault. It’s so frustrating! Is there any way to stop people from claiming fraudulently? It’s a real head scratcher.

Posted by Marco Cardoso on 29 January 2013

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