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Finest Man & Van

Man and Van Ikea / eBay Collections

Have you seen something that you'd like to order from either Ikea or eBay, but you don't have the facilities or equipment to transport the bulky item from the location to your doorstep? Well, you don't need to worry about paying those extortionate delivery fees that are usually added on top of the hefty price of your item; at Finest Man and Van, we offer some of the fairest prices around and can safely pick up your item, before delivering it to your doorstep safely and securely.

We cover the entire length and breadth of the United Kingdom too, just to make sure that nowhere is left inaccessible. Ikea has dozens of huge stores across the country and we know each of them first hand. We can arrive at the location, collect your purchase before safely loading it on to our partner vans and then begin the journey back to your home, office, or anywhere that you want the item to be delivered. If you need us to, we'll even unload your item and help you to unpack it within your home, all at a low cost to you.

When it comes to eBay, we don't offer any less than the guaranteed security of your purchase. Sometimes, sellers will only offer 'customer pickup' options. When this is the case, you might find that you can't get to the location, perhaps the item is too large for you to transport in your vehicle, or maybe you'd simply prefer to have it delivered. If any of those sound like your situation; we can help.

We'll turn up on time and collect your purchase from your eBay seller without delay. We'll then safely load the product, making sure that it arrives to you in the same great condition that it left the seller's location. We're reliable, honest and professional at all times, so you'll never have to worry about any of the small details, we'll take care of everything from beginning to end.

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