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London’s Finest Man and Van – eco boxes

We believe sustainability is the way forward. That’s why we offer eco friendly plastic containers for hire. Instead of utilising traditional cardboard boxes which are expensive and harmful to our environment, we prefer to use our eco friendly boxes. They are great as they are reusable, tough and very efficient.

You can hire them for as long as you like and when you are done with them, we will come and collect them for you. By choosing to hire our eco friendly boxes not only would you be doing your bit to help the environment but you would also be saving yourself some money. Traditional boxes are not only expensive but will only be heading straight to the bin once used.


  •  £2.50 per box per week – 80 litre heavy duty eco friendly box
  •  Delivery charges will vary depending on location
  •  Discounted rate for 3 week+ Rental
  •  Min. order 15 x containers
  •  Measurements 60 x 38 x 34cm / 23.5 x 14.7 x 13"

eco box

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