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Finest Man & Van

London's Finest - Man with a Van Insurance

We London’s Finest Man and Van believe it’s important to look after our clients so, your goods are covered when in transit for all of our jobs. For any claim there is an excess of £250 which is payable by the customer – and this covers anything from an individual item to a full load. 

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Terms and condition
Goods are insured up to £10,000.  There is an excess of £250 on any given claim and a maximum value of £1,000 per item.

Cover 1 – Professionally Packed Only 
This insurance covers All Risks of loss of or damage to the insured goods in accordance with Institute Cargo Clauses (A), War and Strikes Clauses.

Cover 2 – Owner / Customer / Packed:
As Cover 1 but excluding breakage, denting, chipping and scratching in respect of all property unless caused by fire or by the vessel or conveyance being stranded, sunk, burnt, in collision or overturned.

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